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INT: Dr. Jerry Greysett’s office



JERRY (V.O.): She’s going to New York?


(Joe is sitting in Dr. Greysett’s office, the two men seated across from each other, casually.)


JOE: She’s in New York.  They left yesterday.


JERRY: What the hell is she gonna do there?


JOE: I don’t know. Her British boy toy left her.


JERRY (shocked): Michael left her?!


JOE (sheepish): No, I just like saying it. But he did leave. He’s shooting a movie in Africa.


JERRY: You know, I’m still mad at her for going to Dr. Martin over me.


JOE: The girls say she doesn’t like Dr. Martin, so you might be hearing from her soon.


JERRY: Damn right.


JOE: I just can’t believe he left her.


JERRY: Michael?


JOE: She’ll be going through chemotherapy for God’s sake. And he just up and leaves her.


JERRY: In his defense, I don’t think he really wanted to go. I’m sure Brynn made him. You know how she is. Miss Independent.


JOE: Yeah. (Suddenly frustrated) Damnit!


JERRY: Are you pissed that Michael’s in Africa or are you pissed that Brynn’s in New York?


JOE: Who says I’m pissed?


JERRY: Oh, I don’t know. The look on your face, your tone of voice, the way you’re clenching your fists…


(Joe glanced down at his clenched fists and opens his palms immediately.)


JERRY (sympathetic, but realistic): Look, Joe, she doesn’t belong to you anymore. I think sometimes you forget that. You can’t control what she does or where she goes. She’s under no obligation to stay within a ten mile radius of you.


JOE (defensive): I know that!


JERRY: Do you?


JOE: I do!


JERRY: Good, because, you know, there’s this thing called a divorce. You guys went to court and asked the judge to legally give your marriage the axe and then…


JOE: I know what happened, Jerry. I was there, remember?


JERRY: Sometimes I’m not so sure you were.


JOE: Believe you me, agony like that is not something you forget. I was there.


JERRY (nods): Why don’t you call her?


JOE (distracted): What?


JERRY: I said why don’t you call her?


JOE: Who?


JERRY: Brynn!


JOE (shaking his head): Nooo.


JERRY: Why not?!


JOE: Because! What do you mean, why not? She’s my ex-wife and she wishes ill will upon me.


JERRY (rolling his eyes): She does not.


JOE: She does. She told me so. She said ‘Joe, I wish ill will upon you.’


JERRY: That was the day you went to court!


JOE: So?


JERRY: So, seven years have passed since then!


(Joe nods, pensively. Jerry is still looking at him in a sort of disbelief.


JERRY: I’m your best friend, Joe. That being the case, I feel it is my duty to tell you this. If you don’t  call her or get in touch with her somehow, it may end up being the second biggest regret of your life.


(Joe looks up.)


JOE: What’s the first?


JERRY: Letting her get a divorce.





INT: Nicole Aaron’s Manhattan Apartment


(Brynn stands in the kitchen by the counter, on the phone with Margot. Nicole, Stella, Amy, and Beth are running around doing random things throughout the scene, they’re not the focus.)


BRYNN (exhasperated): I’m fine, Margot. Yes. The plane ride was fine, the cab ride from the airport was fine, the elevator ride was fine, and the walk from the elevator to Nicole’s apartment was fine. I’m fine. No, I’m not lying to you! For God’s sake, Margot! I’m getting off the phone. No. No, Margot. I’m hanging up. Right now. Hanging up…goodbye!


(Brynn hangs up the phone, and looks over at her daughters, who are frantically trying to clean up the apartment.)


BRYNN: Give it up, girls. This isn’t the first time you’ve forgotten to clean your rooms.


(Upon hearing that Brynn is off the phone, the girls walk over to Brynn and each take on of her bags.)


STELLA: We’ll unpack for you.


BRYNN: Oh, no you don’t. I’ll unpack.


NICOLE: Just sit down and make yourself comfortable.


AMY: Yeah, we’ve got it all under control.


BETH: Just relax, Mom.


BRYNN (seriously): I swear to God, if you don’t put my bags down right now, I will walk right out this door.


(The  girls are exchange nervous glances, and drop the bags at once.)


BRYNN: Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me…


(Brynn goes to pick up two of the bags, loses her balance, drops the bags, but grabs onto the counter before she falls. The girls lunge toward her instinctively. Brynn stands up fine on her own and laughs.)


BRYNN: Kidding! I was kidding. It was a joke. You know, haha. That kind of thing.


AMY: That was so not funny, Mom.


NICOLE: And Amy knows funny.


STELLA: Yeah, way to give me a heart attack.


(Brynn rolls her eyes, picks up her bags and starts walking toward the guest room.)


BRYNN (calling behind her): I’ve been sick for a few weeks, kids. I’m not dying yet.


(The girls laugh quietly.)


INT: The guest room


(Brynn drops her bags, closes the door, and leans against it, taking a deep breath.)


BRYNN (whispering): Yet being the operative word.





EXT: Beverly Hills


(Camera pans over Joe’s Beverly Hills neighborhood, early morning, until it reaches Joe and Ginny’s mansion. Cut to Joe sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, watching the small television on the counter. Ginny comes into the kitchen wearing what is clearly her clothes for the gym. She takes a swig from her water bottle, then walks over to Joe.)


GINNY: I’m off.


JOE (distracted, watching the TV): Okay.


(She plants a kiss on his forehead, then heads for the door.)


GINNY (O.S.): I’ll be back in an hour or so!


JOE: Uh huh.


(Joe picks up the remote and turns the volume up on the TV. He is watching some sort of gossipy entertainment morning show, reminiscent of Access Hollywood and the like. The host of the show stands with a large picture of Brynn on the screen beside her.)


HOST: Brynn Jennings, Oscar-winning director of some of Hollywood’s most acclaimed, top-grossing movies, has apparently packed her things and moved to New York City, to be with her daughters, her spokesperson, Danielle Marks, said yesterday. Her live-in boyfriend, Michael Hall, an Oscar-winner himself, flew to Africa last week to begin shooting a new film set in Kenya. When asked if her client’s sudden move to New York was at all related to her recently diagnosed ovarian cancer, Ms. Marks refused to comment. One wonders where Ms. Jennings’ ex-husband, screenwriter Joe Aaron, is in all of this. Rumor has it that Mr. Aaron found out of his former’s wife illness via Good Morning America, along with the rest of the world.


JOE (holds up his glass of orange juice as if making a toast): Thank you for that.


(He takes a sip from his glass, then puts it down. Scene fades into following.)


INT: Brynn’s room in New York


(Brynn is lying in bed, drinking a cup of coffee, and watching the same program Joe is watching.)


HOST: Ms. Jennings and Mr. Aaron were divorced seven years ago, to the surprise of not only those close to them, but to the world. In her tell-all interview with Barbara Walters last week, Jennings confessed to only having seen her ex-husband ‘maybe three or four times’ since their divorce, and said she wishes him ‘all the best’ in his relationship with film star Ginny Madison. However, paparazzi photos taken just two days ago show Aaron parked, in his Mercedes, for almost an hour I’m told, outside the home he once shared with Jennings, which is now occupied by Jennings and Michael Hall.


(The pictures appear on the screen. Brynn sits up, her jaw open slightly in shock, her lips curving into a thoroughly amused smile.)


HOST: So, now the question is, what’s next for Brynn Jennings, besides chemotherapy? Is a reconciliation in the cards for Jennings and Aaron? Either way, it’s clear that…


(Frustrated by the speculation, Brynn grabs the remote and shuts the TV off.)




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